How to play with a rabbit

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The Velveteen Rabbit. Very flexible large cast size. Running time under an hour. The School Play Package gives you rights to edit the script, change roles/cast size, add music, make DVD/Video & make any other changes to fit your students & your production.

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Let the rabbit sniff the treat and put it into the toy with the bun watching. Perform the action required to get to the treat with your hand and point to the treat, over and over. You can let the rabbit eat it once or twice to keep the interest up, but encourage him or her to get it without help in between.

50 DIY Rabbit Hutch Plans to Get You Started Keeping … Want to keep rabbit for meats or pet? You need to build a rabbit hutch. Here's a collection of 50 free3. The Multi-Cage Hutch Tutorial Video. This is a very detailed video of how to build a rabbit duplex.Or they can use the ramp and head upstairs where they can play, rest, or eat even. If you need a...

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While much of this can be accomplished with exploration time outside their cage or toys they can play with themselves as we discuss in this article, playing games with your rabbit is a wonderful way to provide some of this much-needed activity. Kids love rabbit games so this can give your whole family plenty of bonding time and fun.

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