I keep getting casino pop ups

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The application that you are running in Adobe Flash Player wants to store some information on your computer, but it needs more space than is currently allocated. By default, every flash application is allocated 100 kilobyte system memory. If an application want to store more information it requests this by this pop up to save the information.

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Mar 24, 2009 · ok since i download Aim I kept getting popups. So I deleted it and did a virus scan. I thought the scan got rid of all the viruses but i keep getting popups every 2 minutes. I feel like my computer got hacked into coz every website i go to a popup will come up and it somehow relates to the popup. So can anyone help me and tell me where i can find a good popup blocker for firefox?

pop-up ads/ virus? I keep getting pop-up ads on my new lenovo computer with Windows 8. For example: "WARNING. ... andseveral other annoying pop-ups. I even added a ...

I Keep Seeing A "Congratulations" Pop-up On My iPhone

Pop up ads and what version of Vipre Security is up-to-date I keep getting pop-ups for Casino &Amazon Kindle downloads to be installed (suggested app). I can't "x" out, have to minimize and then swipe off screen. Using Android tablet. Also when I turn on tablet I swipe "lock" to unlock and then minutes later the pop-up appears and I have to keep getting the same pop ups , usually casino or download Oct 10, 2006 · Keep getting the same pop ups , usually casino or download sites. whats the best site to get rid of them? and DON'T go to porno sites. Porno sites cause all those stupid casino and game, relationship advice, blah blah blah popups to jst randomly appear. ... I keep getting crazy pop ups -heading internet speed monitor and phishing sites my ... I keep getting pop ups for install solution center..cannot